Captain Marvel Stands Tall In Her Nostalgic Cinematic Debut

Captain Marvel Stands Tall In Her Nostalgic Cinematic Debut”

Lindsey Bahr for the Associated Press writes, "The first female-led movie of the MCU deserved more". There, she meets a pre-eyepatch Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, his skin made young and plasticky by what now passes for movie magic) and reconnects with an old Air Force colleague, Maria Rambeau, played by Lashana Lynch, who has some of the finest moments in the film-maybe because she's entrusted with the job of just being a real person instead of a walking signboard for all womankind's total, ass-kicking awesomeness. There's also a pocket of about 30-40 minutes in the back half of this film where the originality and weirdness of this universe starts to peak out, and this is where Captain Marvel really shines. For all their screaming and furious typing, the unfounded hatred will not stop excited Marvel fans from seeing the film.

The film is an origin story for the MCU's newest and most powerful hero. And the film just screams "girl power", not the least of which is because it features the best female friendship the MCU has ever seen. And it arrives after Black Panther, a tremendously successful film where not only black characters but a multidimensional version of those characters' culture was deservedly celebrated on screen. I won't give further details here, but he's a character you want to see more of after the film is over. Finally, there's Goose the Cat. Initially, Carol Danvers appeared in Marvel Comics in the 1960s as an acquaintance of Doctor Walter Lawson who was the human alias of the original Captain Marvel.

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On the negative side, the Hollywood Reporter's review indicates that Larson can't exactly save the day when it comes to Captain Marvel's issues. There's a mid-movie shifting of alliances, and a homeless-refugee subplot (at one point, a despotic ruler declares that the enemy will "threaten our borders no more!") destined to trigger cries of Social Justice Warrior Syndrome from certain basement-level quarters.

Part of the challenge that the movie faces involves the dense backstory of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), who finds herself in the middle of an intergalactic war between two alien races, the Kree and the Skrulls, when the action begins. The less you know about him going in, the better. In a nutshell, the film is placed after Captain America but still much before The Avengers. It's also not a secret to Carol's peers that she is more gifted than the rest of her kind (she resides on the planet Hala, which is aesthetically pleasing in its bright lights, layered environments, and futuristic design although we don't really spend enough time there to truly make it stand out as a distinct planet), which has her commander Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) giving her one-on-one combat seminars regarding keeping her abilities and emotions in check.

Human remains found after cargo plane crashes in Anahuac
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The latest lightning-rod litmus test in our increasingly annoying culture wars is a comic book film whose lead character flies through space in a scuba suit and shoots plasma out of her palms. It's one of the best of the franchise, and yes, I've seen every Marvel film out there. However, the biggest problem was that when the stakes were raised, the consequences high and the personal blows heavy - I simply didn't care. The actress got engaged to the actor and musician in May 2016, after several years of dating. She escapes, only to crash land on a backward planet the Kree call C-53, aka Earth. When Danvers goes full Captain Marvel, though, the photon blasts coming out of her arms are full-on early 21 century.

"Captain Marvel", on the other hand, made an Oscar victor best known for playing a captive mother take on a role she is 100-percent wrong for while attempting to sell Jude Law to us as an action star like he's a Louis Vuitton bag on Canal Street.

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