Barnard's Star in the Solar neighborhood

Barnard's Star in the Solar neighborhood”

This frozen "Super Earth" is the second closest exoplanet which is familiar to science.

This chart shows the location of Barnard's Star and marks most of the stars visible to the unaided eye on a clear dark night. The climate is very harsh with an average surface temperature of -150 (or -238 Fahrenheit).

Still! There's a whole lot of reasons this is such cool news. However, because its host star is so mild, it's likely that the planet is seriously chilly. This places it in the "snow line" of the star, where it's cold enough for water to freeze into solid ice.

Barnard's Star is a red dwarf and one of the closest stars to Earth.

"We knew we would have to be patient".

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That makes studying it tricky.

This search has brought results just now: the journal Nature published an article, the authors reported the discovery of the star of Barnard exoplanets - super-earths GJ 699 b. His claims of how planets could fit in orbit around the star were refuted, and he died five months before the first verifiable discovery of an exoplanet was made in May 1995, Butler said.

The discoverers acknowledge, however, that they're not completely sure yet. That's a bad combination; big 'scopes tend to be heavily utilized by astronomers.

The researchers re-examined archive data obtained over a 20-year period, and added new observations with the latest generation of instruments.

To come to this conclusion he used a technique called astrometry that measures the movement of a single star across the celestial sphere.

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This image shows an artist's impression of the planet's surface. They watched for small counter movements in the star that indicate a massive body (a planet) is in orbit.

Put on your friendliest face and say hello to the newest member of our planetary neighborhood: Barnard's star b. But, as it moves around, it's sometimes approaching us and sometimes moving away. These planets are too far away they become overpowered by its host stars' light. Yet, from almost 60 trillion kilometers away, it could be detected. Planets form over millions of year in discs of material around young stars. That puts Barnard's star b squarely into a terra incognita between small rocky planets like Earth and larger gas planets like Neptune.

Barnard's star is dim and old red dwarf, open only 100 years ago that wouldn't draw much attention, if not was only six light years from Earth.

This also means the planet, called Barnard's Star b, is about 60 million kilometers from the star. That would've been nice, but you can't have everything. That planet lies just over 4 light-years from Earth, and was discovered by a team led by Guillem Anglada Escudé. But again, that's not the point. However, if astronomers record observations of this starlight over many years, they may notice slight periodic frequency shifts.

The planet, known as Barnard's star b, is probably dimly lit by its star and slightly colder than Saturn. While no such planet exists in our backyard, the Kepler spacecraft revealed that such planets are common in the cosmos.

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As scientists hope that the first pictures will be received are already running the GAIA mission, and the telescope WFIRST and "James Webb", which NASA will take into space early next decade. These changes caused the apparent position of the Barnard's Star to shift back and forth relative to the bluer background stars.

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