Thomas Perez elected the first Latino leader of Democratic Party

Thomas Perez elected the first Latino leader of Democratic Party”

This was the first time in at least 12 years - after the last crushing presidential defeat for Democrats, in 2004 - that progressives genuinely cared about who would be the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. You love all the people in it.

It didn't matter that Ellison-a six-term congressman from Minneapolis-had long ago repudiated Farrakhan.

In fact, Farrakhan had repudiated Ellison for having repudiated him. "Democrats themselves, if (they) split in half, automatically (results in) a Republican victory, and with division (we) can't get much done". Ellison seemed poised to win in a landslide.

He's been under pressure from some to keep their personal information private from the DNC, which many of his backers believe rigged the presidential race in favor of Hillary Clinton. "Bernie's guy, like Bernie himself, never had a chance".

We appreciate Donald Trump for not being Hillary Clinton.

Democrats just had a golden opportunity to shore up support from activists in the party's left wing and take a step into the future.

"And I saw that passion in the Sanders campaign in the primary".

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"We have to fight like hell to stop him and hopefully save our country", said Senator Jeff Merkley, Democrat of OR, echoing the near-apocalyptic stakes liberal voters are giving voice to at crowded town hall meetings. In the aftermath, many felt alienated from the party and unwilling to work within its traditional structure. "I suspect that the Obama wing nudged Perez into the race and I'm not terribly happy about that, but now that he is here, if he succeeds, we succeed". It's not like one is a saint and the other is Satan.

The Democratic Party has a history of being split between progressives and the establishment, especially in recent days. He's passionate and smart and speaks from the heart about closing the economic gap that separates the haves from the have-nots.

His campaign against Ellison was treated as a replay of Sanders vs. Clinton because Sanders had endorsed Ellison and many Clinton backers had endorsed Perez.

"Our unity is our greatest strength and Donald Trump's worst nightmare", Perez told NewsHour. NY senator Chuck Schumer endorsed Ellison. Also backing Ellison on Saturday were NHDP Vice Chair and state Sen.

Hey, man, everyone can play this game.

Cracraft said he thinks Perez appointing Ellison as deputy chair was a very strong signal to try to unify the divisive party with the goal of electing Democrats into office. We appreciate his willingness to abandon political correctness and take a message directly to the people through social media (though we might wish he'd be a little more careful with his wording).

Jessica Chase, president of Bruins Elect and third-year political science student, said that Perez is very liberal.

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For what's it's worth, I was rooting for Ellison-just as I voted for Sanders in the primary.

"(Perez and Ellison) working together will be able to recoup some of (the Democratic Party's) losses that we've seen over these last years", Murphy said. Sometimes you have to lick your wounds and move on.

Meanwhile, your party will be so riddled with divisions that a rapacious wingnut who appeals to white supremacists will seize control of the White House.

For that to happen this Democrat-on-Democrat fight must end. Now. He talks the talk but they don't walk the walk. "If you don't win, you can't make the public policy".

However, Republicans are hardly shaking in their boots, with "unity" at the DNC demonstrated by protests of angry leftists chanting, "Party for the people, not big money".

You can contend, however, that the Republican decision to embrace the tea party while crushing the life out of it as a party faction had some unintended consequences: laying the groundwork for a non-Establishment presidential candidate who had no particular principles other than inchoate defiance of all Establishments. He said, "I want to work again". And if he hadn't closed public schools and mental health clinics and buried the Laquan McDonald tape, and if he weren't so freaking patronizing and. People are starting to feel their power to stop the administration. "I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!"

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